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Working Together to Reduce Hazardous Waste

Program Mission

Planned AllocationTo protect and enhance public health and environmental quality in King County by reducing the threat posed by the production, use, storage and disposal of hazardous materials.

The Program works with residents and businesses throughout King County to:

  • Reduce the production of toxics and hazardous products and to promote stewardship of those products by their manufacturers.
  • Reduce the use of and exposure to, hazardous products and wastes and.
  • Ensure the proper storage and disposal of toxics and hazardous waste.

Program Services

Tons collected

We provide services to 1.9 million residents and 60,000 businesses throughout King County.

Many commonly used products contain chemicals that pose risks to the environment and/or human health. Hazardous products usually have one of the following words on the label: "caution," "warning," "danger," or "poison."

In 2013 the Program collected 1,507 tons of hazardous waste from 48,792 residents and 718 businesses, schools and other small quantity generators.

We are a multi-jurisdictional program that includes four government agencies, 37 cities and tribal governments in King County.