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Remossnovate to make room for grass to grow. Rake out the moss in the lawn.

  • A thatch rake works better than a regular iron rake.
  • After raking, reseed the bare spots so new grass will out-compete the moss.
  • Aerate and use an organic or a slow-release fertilizer when you reseed.
  • A thick, healthy lawn will have less moss.

Use hand or power tools to remove moss from sidewalks, decks and pavement.

  • When moss is dried out in the summer, it’s easiest to remove.
  • Use a shovel, hoe, scraper or heavy wire brush. Power washing is also an option.

Don’t power wash the roof. Power washing can damage shingles or get water under them.

  • Carefully use hand tools, to remove moss from roofs.
  • Gentle sweeping or a leaf blower can be helpful.
  • You may want to hire someone to remove the moss for you.
  • It is easier to do in summer and on a regular basis. Don’t wait for a thick coat of moss to build up.

Use a less-toxic moss control product. Look for products containing soaps, fatty acids or
ferrous sulfate.

Prevent runoff. Don’t allow moss control products or contaminated rinse water to run into a storm drain or into the street. Apply carefully so the product stays where you put it.



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