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Healthy Nail Salons

Creating safe work places for nail salons


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Healthy Nail Salon!

My Nail Salon & Spa

1645 140th Ave NE #B3
Bellevue, WA 98005
   - They use safer products
   - Ventilation systems remove chemicals from the air you breath

My Nail Salon

Do you want to reduce the chemicals exposures in your nail salon? We offer no-charge visits and workshops to talk about how you can

  • get financial help to buy safety glasses, gloves, masks and safer chemicals
  • improve your ventilation
  • find safer, less toxic products and how to store them.
Overview of Nail Salon Issues
  Reducing Chemical Exposures in Nail Salons (English, PDF, 2 MB)
  Reducing Chemical Exposures in Nail Salons (with notes) (English, PDF, 2 MB)
  Reducing Chemical Exposures in Nail Salons – Ventilation (English, PDF, 2 MB)
  Reducing Chemical Exposures in Nail Salons – Ventilation (with notes) (English, PDF, 2 MB)
  How to Clean Foot Spas (English, PDF, 2 MB)
Poster for Community Outreach
  Health and Safety Information Poster for Nail Salon Technicians, Friends and Families (Vietnamese, PDF, 1 MB)
  Health and Safety Information Poster for Nail Salon Technicians, Friends and Families (English, PDF, 1 MB)
Media (External links)
  You Are Now Entering the Breathing Zone: Salon Ventilation Guide (Nails Magazine, 2/13)
How Ventilation Reduces Solvents in Nail Salons (Nails Magazine, 11/21/12)
King County Project Teaches Nail-salon Techs About Job’s Dangers (Seattle Times, 8/06/2012)
Lower Your Exposure to Salon Chemicals (English) (Nails Magazine, 8/23/12)
Lower Your Exposure to Salon Chemicals  (Vietnamese) (Viet Nail Magazine July/August, 2012) (PDF, 2 MB)
Partnering Organizations (External links)
  Boston Public Health Healthy Nail Salon Program - (Workshop materials available)
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, (ECOSS) Vietnamese Healthy Nail Salon Project - (A partnership between nail salons, ECOSS, and the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County.)
Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10
National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance
Occupational Safety & Health Administration - Health Hazards in Nail Salons
Oregon Collaborative for Healthy Nail Salons (OCHNS)
San Francisco Department of Environment, Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program
Washington State Department of Licensing, Cosmetologists (Nail Salons) - (Salon safety and sanitation guidelines, disciplinary actions from safety violations, Laws and Rules)